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->Counter-Strike XperiencE<-
NightGODDate: Marti, 2008-12-16, 6:02 PM | Message # 1
Group: Utilizator
Messages: 31
Status: Somnoros
Descriere : Counter Strike XperiencE

Descarcare : KIT (320 MB)

Autori : Ax1oN(reTry) si Ally

*new models
*new map overviews
*new GUI
*new sprites
*new background
*new menu
*new player models
*new icons
*new logo
*new console design and color
*new sounds
*new scoretab
*changes in titles
*changes in motd
*pe dust2 este iarba in loc de nisip
* tradus meniul de inceput in romana
*new game startup music

-and many more
Acum va voi pune cateva poze ca sa va convingeti :
Cand intram in joc va arata cam asa : GAME
Consola am facut-o negru cu albastru : Consola
Cand iti alegi team sau apesi tab se vede alb si negru TEAM

Si sper sa va pleca ce am mai facut la hartile de_dust2 de_dust2x2
de_dust2_long si putin 35hp in loc de nisip este iarba Dust2

A doua versiune speram sa o lansam pana in febrarie 2008 .... armele sunt secrete ...... desccarcati-l.


StrikeRDate: Joi, 2009-01-15, 3:42 PM | Message # 2
Nou Venit
Group: Utilizator
Messages: 2
Status: Somnoros
da frate ... da data viitoare incearca sa copiezi si linkurile de la poze .... nu mai da k orbu copy paste fara sa te uiti ce ai scris :-@ angry dont
videokarteDate: Duminica, 2009-05-24, 5:40 AM | Message # 3
Nou Venit
Group: Utilizator
Messages: 1
Status: Somnoros
У меня таже проблема sad
plalcherrliDate: Joi, 2013-02-14, 7:12 PM | Message # 4
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GeorgiaorxDate: Duminica, 2013-02-17, 5:36 PM | Message # 5
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GelmflurfDate: Joi, 2013-06-13, 12:37 PM | Message # 6
Group: Vizitator

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GonBroorouhDate: Vineri, 2013-06-28, 6:19 AM | Message # 7
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diundalipDate: Luni, 2013-07-01, 8:00 PM | Message # 8
Group: Vizitator

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RokessexyDate: Joi, 2013-07-04, 9:54 PM | Message # 9
Group: Vizitator

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CROMABOURCEDate: Duminica, 2013-07-07, 2:26 PM | Message # 10
Group: Vizitator

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